Congratulations from everyone at Nature Research on being shortlisted.

We prepare a wide range of materials about our shortlisted candidates for inclusion on the Award website, for media releases and our media room, for social media posts, for the Nature Careers website,  for our blogs, and elsewhere. These are aimed several different kinds of audiences and we write and present them in different ways depending on the people are addressing.  

This form has 30 questions about you and your work which are designed to  make sure we have enough information to present a well rounded picture and also to inform and influence Nature's position on important subjects that affect researchers. We have flagged these particular questions as confidential.  The answers will never be quoted in public material without your explicit permission.   

Note that for organisational, rather than individual, entrants, there is a separate dedicated section towards the end of the form. We encourage founders to complete whichever aspects of the first section seem most interesting, useful and relevant  to them and then to move on to the organisational questions.

Please answer as many questions as you can but don't feel under pressure to answer them all at great length.  You will probably find that you have much more to say about some than about others.  Think of the word count as a maximum and not a target.  It's fine to be very brief with some answers and to write at greater length for others.  We're trying to make sure that you have enough opportunities to talk about many of things that are, or have been, important to you and  your work  and those will be slightly different for everyone.

Keep in mind that sometimes we are seeking information to share with senior scientists  and policy makers concerning significant issues, sometimes we are seeking relateable information to share with children who have only just started to study science at school and sometimes we are looking for inspiration and good advice for PhD students or post-docs facing similar challenges to the ones that you have overcome.  

In many cases, we know that readers are very interested to learn a little about you personally. 

We encourage you to write in different styles for different kinds of question, as far as you feel comfortable.  You don't need to worry too much about spelling or grammar because Nature's editors will  give everything a quick polish before it reaches any readers.

We will normally make sure that you're aware in advance of  anywhere that the material will be used and that you are able to reuse it yourself  via social media or elsewhere if you choose.

Once again, congratulations, and thank you for completing this form.

Helena Louring Jensen

Senior Publishing Manager

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.